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Slow down in the desert: Relaxed trekking through the Sahara

Those who have experienced it, knows that the desert can conjure. Your silence leads away from everything we know. And just the same proximity to places in us that are unattainable in the stresses of everyday life for most. Trips there are real adventure – and the specialty of Morocco To go.

DSC_1802 Be organized individual one- to eight-day discovery tours of the experienced Moroccan tour operators Morocco Holidays Travel. Agency chief and desert Kenner Aissam Mamado plans with meticulous attention to detail, but leaves room for deliberately unexpected: Morocco To go stands for real encounters and unforgettable moments in an exciting, very different world. In small groups of 4 to max. 8 people experience travelers this particular country totally relaxed, beyond the beaten track: Glorious riads, oriental souks, quirrlig Colorful Kasbahs, traditional Berber villages, green oases, stunning rock formations. And then: the desert!

“The best you can do is to walk with a camel and smile.
(Nomadische Weisheit)

200-S7305948Start and – geographical – destination of each trip of Morocco to go is Marrakech, the fascinating royal city in southern Morocco. New offer are from August 2015 individual Sahara treks especially for German tourists.

In September and November, the qigong instructor Sabine Harms-Karla accompanies the participants of the trip “Moroccan Energy”. The Hamburg woman adjusts its energy enhancing exercises flexibility in the course of events a, depends entirely on the wishes and needs of the group.

From Marrakech issue in the jeep initially through the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas to to M’Hamid. There, at the edge of the Sahara, awaiting the caravan. Camels carry the baggage, tents, mattresses and all stocks. The attentive, desert experienced crew, including chef, handles everything else. The travelers have to worry about anything except to yourself!

211-S7305961Forced marches are not on the program. Morocco To go is enjoying trekking without stress and hassle. Running in stages – and rarely more than three or four hours a day. If it gets too warm or too strenuous, stop the caravan.

Time with a cup of tea to relax in the shade, watching the animals or to re-energize the Qigong. And in the silence that inner voice will then sometime louder … Morocco To go? Let’s go!

Sabine Harms-Karla
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