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Morocco Travel

Marocco travel is a small moroccan company managed by a berber sahraoui family, Established with a simple idea… life seeing with local services instead of sightseeing with crowded Tours. Therefore over 12 years We have built a strong & loyal relationship with our service suppliers, especially hoteliers, local guides, transporters & others who have added a touch of Moroccan hospitality to keep our idea alive.

Since that time, well liked & respected by the office of tourism in Morocco, we have been offering a variety of travel services & holiday planning that are sure to match all your priorities & budget. You arrive at your destination with a professional plan in place: no waiting in lines at museums, no confusion about buying train, coach, & no unhappy surprises with hotels or Tours & you are guaranteed a warm & personal all throughout your stay.

With dedicated & professionally trained staff that have first hand product-knowledge, acquired through living & guiding Tours in Morocco. We are very proud of our country & what it has to offer & it shows.



We don’t operate a large network of Tours worldwide and instead focus solely on travel within Morocco which, simply put, makes us good at it! Because Morocco is a unique country and a place where business tends to be done quite differently, we are contracted by a number of worldwide tour operators to operate their Tours in Morocco.


We are a small organisation with less than 8 employees so we have a more personalised and intimate relationship with our travellers. This small size also makes us quicker to adapt to changes that are happening on the ground in Morocco.



Tel: +212 619610893  E.mail : marokkotogo@gmail.com

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Web Site :    www.marokkotogo.com

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